Sewing Machine

A unique Cam Motion Take up Lever with an Oscillating Shuttle & Lock Stitch facility. It has Lever type stitch regulator for Forward & Reverse Stitching controls. It can do around 1500 stitches per minute and have locking device for 6 to 30 stitches per 25mm race depending upon the model.

Available in Round Dial Type, Straight Stitch Type (Round or Square Body), Link Model & Streamline Model.

  • Closed or Open Type Shuttle Race.
  • Feed Drop System for quick change to Embroidery.
  • Sheet Metal Bobbin Winder / Cast Iron Bobbin Winder.
  • Foot Operating Sheet Metal Stand / Cast Iron Stand with Wooden Table.
  • Plastic Base & Cover.
  • Wooden Base Only.
  • Hand Attachment.
  • Sewing Machine Motor with Foot Pedal / Controller (100W & 6000 R.P.M)


Technical Specification

Shuttle TypeOscillating Shuttle / Open Type Race Body
Bobbin Winding SystemAuto trip With Adjusting Screw
Needle ThreadingSingle Needle Lock Stitch
DriveHand, Treadle & Motor
Stitch Length ControlHandy Stitch Regulator with Locking Device
Sewing Speed800-1200 Stitches Per Minute
Thread Tension ControlThumb Screw Type
Stitch Pattern SelectorUp and Down
Pressure AdjustorThumb Screw Type
Stitch Length6-30 Stitches Per 25mm