TA-1 (103-K)

The Machine is designed on the lines of FREND-Z Model with an additional advantage of Sleek Square Arm for Grace & Beauty. It is specially designed for Garment Industries with Rotary Hook and Spiral Bevel Gears. Brake Set is fitted with the machine which can stop the machine at once and can control the pressure Foot as well. The Hook Mechanism gives a High Speed of 3000 stitches per minute. There is unique Reverse Feed mechanism.

  • Bobbin Winder Fitted behind the wheel or below of the Base Plate of machine.
  • 1/8 or 1/12 H.P Motor with Foot Pedal / Controller.
  • Foot Operating Sheet Metal Stand / Cast Iron Stand / Z – type Sheet Metal Stand.
  • Wooden Base Only.
  • Wooden Table.
  • 1/6 H.P Clutch Motor.


Technical Specification

Shuttle TypeBalanced Rotary Shuttle
Bobbin Winding SystemAutotrip
Needle ThreadingSingle Needle
DriveHand, Treadle & Motor
Stitch Length Control6-30 Stitches Per 25mm
Sewing Speed1800-2500 Spm
Thread Tension ControlThumb Screw
Stitch Length SelectorRegulator
Reverse Stitch CrochetLever Type